Engineering Support Services

Since 1995, IPI has been providing engineering related support services to a variety of clients across industries. Our highly-trained staff is dedicated to producing the highest quality outcomes and has one goal in mind:
customer satisfaction.

Engineering Layout Layout of virtually any structure from simple, one-level mezzanines to complex, multi-level systems with stairs, conveyors, swing gates, etc. Drawings provided can be up to E-size.
Detailing IPI utilizes AutoCAD 2000 and has a full staff of highly-trained draftsmen. Drawings provided can be plotted in full color, up to E-Size.
Technical Manuals and Reports Provided mostly to our smaller and independently employed clients, we can produce wire-bound formal calculations and reports. Our staff uses a variety of software packages and high-speed color and laser printers to make your documents look sharp and professional.
Research IPI can provide you with thorough research on any topic. We are well versed in researching via the Internet and World Wide Web, as well as more traditional methods. Our fees range from researching on an hourly basis to researching specific resources. It is in this way that we can allow our clients to maintain control over the costs of each project.
Web Page Design/Internet Training Our Certified Internet Webmasters can design a high-quality interactive website, from an engineering perspective. We can also train your personnel in "Basics of the Internet" and "Basics of Web Page Design" to enable you to fully utilize the power of the Internet.