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3 Metal Spheres
4 Golfers on Sunday
10 Good Reasons to Date and Marry an Engineer
20 Things that Never Happen on Star Trek
The Airplane
Arguing with an Engineer
Astronaut Anxiety
AutoCAD Monkey
Automotive Engineer vs. Vanilla Ice Cream
Average Math Knowledge of Society
Barney is Satan
Bidding - Additional Requirements
The Bike
Blind Golfers
A Boy and his Frog
Building Fences
The Cabbie
Canned Food
The Car
Citibank Building
Common Sense
Cubicle One-Liners
The Deserted Island
Difference Between Mechanical and Civil Engineers
Dog Show
Drug Dealers vs. Software Developers
Efficiency Expert

Einstein's Speech
Electrical Definitions
Electrical Engineer Song
Engineer/Hydrogeologist Joke
Engineering and Science Conversion Chart
Engineering Pick-Up Lines
Engineering Rules
Engineering Terminologies
Engineers and the Jet
Engineers and Lawyers
Engineer's Description of Woman
Engineer's Diet
The Engineer's Song
The Engineer's Hymn
Engineers vs. God
Feel My Pain...
Female Engineers...
Fire Emergency
Fishing Vacation
Five Surgeons
For Your Next Cookout...
The Frozen Chicken
The Genie
Girls and Boys
Glass of Milk
Great Engineering Quote
Guessing Sheep
The Guillotine
Half Full or Half Empty?
Half Glass of Scotch
A Herd of Buffalo
The Horse Race
How can you tell if your child is going to be an engineer?
How Engineers Do It
How Many Engineers to Change a Light Bulb?
How Many Engineers to Change a Light Bulb- the Sequel
How Many IBM Technical Writers to Change a Light Bulb?
How Mil Specs Live Forever

How to Find the Height of a Building
The Human Body
Hunting an Elephant
Husband Number 9
If Restaurants Functioned like Microsoft
Jar of Rocks
Job Interview Techniques
Jock vs. Nerd
Kulza-Klein Theories
The Lost Balloonist
Managerese vs. Engineerese
Mechanical Engineer in a Mental Hospital
Mechanical Engineering 361 Test Problem #2
Mechanical vs. Civil
Misplaced Engineer
Nerd Season
A New Element Discovered!
New Lyrics to Beatles Songs - 'Yesterday'
New Lyrics to Beatles Songs - 'Eleanor Rigby'
New Lyrics to Beatles Songs - 'Unix Man (Nowhere Man)'
New Lyrics to Beatles Songs - 'Write in C' (Let it Be)
New Lyrics to Beatles Songs - 'Something'
New Metric System for Engineers
Noah's Ark
Normal People vs. Engineers
Not Obsolete Yet...
One Way Ticket to Mars
Phases of a Project
Pilots and Engineers
Prison vs. Work (for EVERYONE)
"Prophetic" Quotes
Professional ATMs
Psalm to an Engineer's Sweetheart
Quitting Time
Red Rubber Ball
Redneck P. E. Exam
Retired Engineer
Sack of Gold
Sales and Marketing Experts
Salesmen (One for the engineers!)
Santa Claus: An Engineering Analysis
Santa Claus: An Engineering Analysis - Rebuttal
The Stove
Things Computers can do in Movies
Things Electrical Engineers Say that Sound Dirty but Really Aren't
Three Umpires
Timesheet Honesty
TM of CIA - True Meaning of Computer Industry Acronyms
The Toaster
Top 10 Anagrams for "Information Superhighway"
Top 10 Reasons Why Computers Must be Male
Top 10 Things Engineering School Didn't Teach
Top 12 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Computer Tech Support
The Train
Universal Laws for Naive Engineers
What is 2 + 2?
What's for Lunch?
Who Wants to Marry a Software Engineer?
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Why Engineers Don't Write Recipe Books
Why Engineers Make the Best Mates
Wife vs. Mistress
Winners of Worst Analogies Contest
Woodwinds and Engineers
The World's 19 Shortest Books
The World's First Profession
You Might be a Chemical Engineer If...
You Might be an Engineer If... (Part One)
You Might be an Engineer If... (Part Two)
You Might be an Engineer If... (Part Three)
You Might be an Engineer If... (Part Four)
You Might be an Engineer If... (Part Five)
You Might be an Engineer If... (Part Six)
You Might be an Engineering Major If... (Part One)
You Might be an Engineering Major If... (Part Two)
You Might be a High Tech Redneck If...


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