William T. Guiher - Biographical Sketch

Willliam T. Guiher is Secretary/Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of Inflection Point, Inc., Cincinnati, OH. This corporation specializes in providing a variety of material handling consulting services to industry. Mr. Guiher serves in the capacity of Vice President, Simulations and Material Handling. In addition, he has established a sole proprietorship, William T. Guiher, P.E. to provide structural engineering consulting services. He is currently registered as a Professional Engineer in 17 states.

Prior to joining Inflection Point, Inc., he was Vice President, Engineering, Unarco Material Handling, Springfield, TN. This corporation provides storage rack structures of all types for warehousing and order fulfillment operations throughout the United States. Mr. Guiher was primarily responsible for Research and Development, project engineering, basic product design, product application, standards, product testing, and product quality. Several product innovations and patents were recorded during his tenure. In addition, he brought all published load tables into compliance with the latest design codes and introduced a second load table for uprights which allowed for sidesway in structures.

Mr. Guiher has had more than forty years experience in the material handling industry. He received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from West Virginia University. He subsequently began his career as a Test Engineer at the Manufacturing Division, Republic Steel Corporation, Youngstown, OH, was promoted to Junior Product Engineer and became an expert in the use of some of the first transistor main frame computers. He was then promoted to Manager of Computer Engineering. He was a member of Republic Steel's Speaker's Bureau and gave over 150 presentations to various clubs and civic groups. His major accomplishments included design and patent of Republic Steel's cold formed I-beam which has been used in pallet racks for over 30 years. Republic Steel Building Corporation's basic systems were all designed at this time.

Following his tenure at Republic Steel, he joined Litton Unit Handling Systems, Florence, KY, as the only Structural Engineer. He was responsible for the design of racks and rack-supported buildings throughout the world. This included design and detailing, selection of fabricator, overseeing processes used, production rates, and quality controls. He was promoted to Manager of the Structural Engineering Department, and his duties were expanded to include the supervision of the department of Structural Engineers and detailers. When Litton Automated Systems was formed, Mr. Guiher became Manager of Mechanical and Structural Engineering. In addition to the mechanical design supervision, he was also responsible for Mechanical Inspection of AS/RS machines, including dimensional inspection using not only hand instruments, surface table techniques, but also nondestructive weld inspection by visual, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic methods. He introduced the concept and was instrumental in the design of Litton's parametric-driven CAD software using Intergraphs' platform. This effort reduced the detailing time for certain AS/RS machines from four weeks to less than two days. Litton, (now known as HK Systems) provides automated storage and retrieval and other automated material handling systems throughout the world. These are multi-million dollar projects requiring the integration of all disciplines of engineering to provide totally automated warehouse systems.

Mr. Guiher is a graduate of Phil Crosby's Quality College and was trained by K.W. Tunnell in statistical analysis and TQM. In addition to being a registered Professional Engineer in AR, CA, CO, GA, IN, KY, LA, MN, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OH ,TN, TX, VA, and WV, he held a National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying Registration.

He is a current member and served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants, Inc. (APMHC). He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers in which he served as Past President, Youngstown Branch, Cleveland Section. He has made many presentations regarding technical concepts involving both general construction and sophisticated computer controlled equipment, and has been a speaker at the annual Material Handling Industry seminars conducted during the spring Material Handling Shows in Detroit and Chicago.

Throughout his career, Mr. Guiher has amassed extensive experience with a variety of computer environments, from PC's to mainframes, including programming in several computer languages. He is familiar with steels and the steel industry, manufacturing planning and procedures, as well as ASTM, AWS, AISI, and AISC specifications. He is the inventor listed on several patents, including "Storage Rack System with Fire Extinguisher Device." He has also had comprehensive experience in project management of all types and corporate budget management.

Revision Date: 2007-04-02