Material Handling Services

Inflection Point, Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive design in manufacturing and warehouse operations and management. We offer a variety of customized consulting services, ranging from process layout and design to final implementation.

We are not affiliated with any manufacturer - evaluations and recommendations are completely independent.

We are a proud member of the Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants

Simulations Using GPSS/H

Process simulation is a method by which operations can be analyzed and evaluated. Through this intense analysis, discrete models are created to simulate specific scenarios. Simulations serve as statistical tools to achieve maximum utilization of resources.
The advantages of having a process simulated include:

  • Improves processes analyzed and acts as problem solver.
  • Allows for effective planning for contingencies and future growth.
  • Eliminates costly mistakes from trial and error.
  • Offers a means by which solutions may be prioritized.
  • Models are created that specifically simulate each scenario, including equipment information and control schemes.
  • Enables maximum utilization of resources.

Inventory Profiling

Inventory profiling is an in-depth analysis of a facility's inventory and storage needs. This customized approach is utilized to determine the appropriate storage requirements and serves as a stand-alone program. Based upon specific need, profiling can further be used as a basis for overall planning, modeling, and installation. The profiling program can include:

  • Warehouse sizing
  • Operational analysis
  • Analysis by acitivity zone, package type, or SKU
  • Determination of total storage requirements
  • Loading map indicating exact locations
Project Management

IPI's experienced project manage-ment team can assume any or all levels of the total project require-ments, depending upon the client's needs:

  • Vendor coordination
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Verification of compliance
  • Problem resolution
  • Coordinated scheduling
  • Timely reporting
  • Payment authorization
  • Critical path generation and analysis
  • On-site project management
Site Inspections

The qualified personnel of IPI can conduct site inspections and surveys to determine a variety of conditions in each facility, including:

  • Rack damage
  • Product damage
  • Inventory control
  • Information flow
  • Personnel training
  • Material Handling practices
  • Potential areas of savings
  • Worker's safety